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Einbauorte Messsystem „Lasca“
Installation sites measuring system „Lasca“


DB – Offenbach
German Railway – Offenbach

Adjustment of the measuring system to the tasks of DB Netz for pure art trains and city trams

Straßenbahn Berlin
City tram Berlin

Detection of flat, out of roundness, polygons and gear damage

DB – Mühlheim
German Railway – Mühlheim

Comparative measurement Lasca ® / Darfur (DB); proof of reproducibility of flat spots and recurring trains

ÖBB - Österreich, Wien
Austrian Railways, Vienna

Evidence of unilateral loading, spallings and the observation of the growth of spallings

DB – Gießen
German Railway –Giessen

Observation of track position changes in the new track. Collection of statistical data, measuring static and dynamic forces, distinction between types of trains

ÖBB - Österreich, Matrei

Investigations of trains of the rolling road RoLa (transport of complete trucks and tractor trailers). Evaluation of wheel condition and overloads.

DB – Vennebeck
German Railway – Vennebeck

Verification of freight trains, remeasurement of tread damage, DB Cargo: Test weighed with freight trains at different speeds, pushed and pulled trains

DB / WLE – Lippstadt
German Railway – Lippstadt

Quantification of tread damage, flat spots at different load conditions

DB – Gießen
German Railway – Giessen

Proof of reproducibility of the results of two independently operating Lasca ®  systems, monitoring by experts of the  EBA and presentation to the DB board

Trenitalia - Italien, Turin

Scaling of single wheel of MODALOHR trains (like RoLa), overload control of axes

EVR - Estland, Narva

Detecting overloads, unilateral loading, flats and wheel out of roundness’s at very heavy six-axle oil wagons

DB - S-Bahn Frankfurt
German Railway – City Tram Frankfurt

Quantification of damages in the tread feeding track of the workshop. Information sharing for preventive maintenance.

DB – Fulda
German Railway – Fulda

Verification of freight trains, re-measuring of tread damages, DB Cargo: Test weighed with freight trains at different speeds, pushed and pulled trains.

DB – Mannheim
German Railway – Mannheim

Investment in railway freight station entrance. Data collection for the workshop as a guide for the wagon master.

Union Pacific - USA, Martin Bay, Nebraska

Data synchronization with the WILD system, extensive follow-up measurements in the workshop identified tread damages.

DB – Gießen
German Railway – Giessen

Data synchronization with two measurement systems at a distance of 100m, check of the reproducibility of decelerating speed trains in different sections.

LDz - Lettland, Jelgava

Use as a combined system with a hot runner tracking system , extensive follow-up measurements of tread damages

MOR - Harbin, China

Condition-based maintenance vehicle, measurement under extreme conditions up to minus 45 ° C, involving the vehicle identification number on the Amtrack system.

SBB - Schweiz, Osogna
Swiss Railway Company – Swiss, Osogna

Comparative measurement establishing internationally agreed limits

DB – Burgsinn
German Railway – Burgsinn

Measurements in the high-speed line Hannover-Würzburg, ICE with 250km / h and freight trains with 160 km / h, statistical analysis

DB - S-Bahn Frankfurt, Maintunnel
German Railway – City tram Frankfurt, River Main tunnel

Condition-based maintenance of the Frankfurt city-tram, measurement in particularly dense sequence of moves, every two minutes a train.

SZ - Slowenien, bei/near Ljubljana

Measurements of mixed traffic.

DB – Niederdielfen
German Railway – Niederdielfen

Measurements of mixed traffic, track position monitoring.

DB – Uelzen
German Railway – Ulezen

Stress measurements on superstructure with different body structures, including with PU foam filled superstructure.

Metro North - USA, New York

Monitoring of transport and transit trains.

DB – Vöhrum
German Railway – Vöhrum

Monitoring of mixed traffic, freight trains with axle load of 25t, extensive testing and comparing measurements to flat spots, weights and equipment availability. Plant move of DB plant.

DB Netz AG
German Railway Net AG

Maintenance, service


Certification of the monitoring system "Lasca"
for condition-based maintenance of vehicles.
See test report

China, MOR Chengdu

Certification in China for high speed upt to 380 km/h since 25.10.2010.

DVB AG, Dresden
Dresden City Tram

1st system polygon recognition for predictive maintenance of city trams.

China, MOR Ande

Highspeed measurements on solid tracks.

DVB AG, Dresden
Dresden City Tram

2nd system polygon recognition for predictive maintenance of city trams.

S-Bahn Berlin
Berlin City  Tram

Polygon recognition for predictive maintenance of city trams.

Weißrussische Eisenbahn
Belarus Railway

3 systems (the beginning of the nationwide expansion in Belarus).