End of 90s by the then head of marketing Rottner group (to which the company WIDRA from Aachen, founded in 1853 - one of Europe's oldest building weighing - belonged), Siegfried Pieper, paved the way for a new product line in the field of railway.

Under the background of classical weighing the foundations for a new optical measurement system for measuring deformations of components were developed and patented. In January 2001, the company INNOtec GmbH, based in Worms was spun in the field of railway engineering from Rottner group as part of the restructuring and specialization.

The custom development of mobile wheel-rail measuring systems and the preparation of the market were at the forefront of the business of the INNOtec GmbH.

Due to the since 2000 built experience with monitoring systems under operating conditions in connection with access to live data from the networks of railways of Germany, Austria, Italy, Estonia, Switzerland, Belarus, USA and China, several new proprietary monitoring systems be transferred from the development in the market within the last period

For licensing reasons, the INNOtec Systems GmbH has been entrusted with the distribution and further customizing the monitoring systems in May 2007. The shareholders of INNOtec Systems GmbH are also the know-how carriers of the company and guarantee the system-oriented customer care

This concerns in particular the core products LASCA® (monitors the traffic), MONI (rail-threshold-force measuring system, noise measurements), RALF (wheel load scale for rail vehicles) and as the newest monitoring system, MOVIE (wagon exact vehicle recognition).

The INNOtec Systems GmbH is an accredited licensee of the rights, software rights and know-how for these monitoring systems. It is authorized for production, assembly, maintenance, service and custom development as well as worldwide marketing of the systems. Sales can also be done through external partners.

By combining specialists from electrical engineering, physics, computer science, business administration, with close cooperation in the industry as well as the formation of a scientific advisory board consisting of professors / inside leading international technical universities in their fields in the INNOtec Systems GmbH it is able to offer customized solutions at the highest level from a single source.