Political pressure taking effect. Important statements from the Federal Ministry of Transport

"The incentive system with noise dependeing track prices acts and must be expanded. It must be economically unattractive for domestic and foreign wagon owners continuing driving noisy wagons."

Most recently, the local CDU MP Erwin Rüddel has also obtained a commitment from the Federal Ministry of Transport to introduce a Germany-wide monitoring system of Railroads for detecting noise in rail freight. Thus, the progress of the retrofitting of freight wagons on composite-blocks (LL blocks) and the increased use of quieter freight cars will be displayed transparently. With 17 measuring points in high-volume main routes more than two thirds of the total rail freight are recorded. The installation of this monitoring system is planned for 2017th

"While monitoring is an integral part of the noise policy, we will be able to check at any time what is actually going on the railways. Simultaneously faster maintenance and repairs can be implemented through monitoring, whereby the traffic noise can be further reduced beyond 2020, "said Rüddel firmly.

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